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The Online Mattress Phenomenon

Over the last year or so, more than one hundred new 'Online Only" mattress shops have opened for business.  Why you ask?  The simple answer is the realization that an all foam mattress can be squished into a box no bigger than a three drawer file cabinet and be shipped nationwide for less than ever before.   Put up a nice website, add some clever marketing, and you're in business.   These professional marketers have realized that by offering a vacuum sealed mattress and touting it as the simple solution to sleepless nights they can extract very high margins.  

These online only mattress retailers feed on consumers lack of mattress knowledge and consequently are able to inflate their online sale prices and cover their phony offerings of "free nationwide" delivery and no hassle returns.   The folks who purchase a mattress online typically never visit a brick-n-mortar store to compare and ultimately end up paying about $300 more than necessary for a like mattress.   Do your pocketbook a favor, check out a local retailer before giving your hard earned dollars to a savvy marketer. 

Some things are too important to simply click your way to a purchase, mattresses are certainly one of them and has many, many pitfalls.   Take a moment and review the facts:
First, no single mattress works for everyone.   Your odds of success increase greatly at a brick-n-mortar store.
Second, shipping a large, heavy package is not free and the costs will be built into your "sale" price.   Local mattress delivery comes with additional services such as, set-up and the removal of your old one.
Third, a no hassle refund is very costly to ALL mattress retailers because most state laws prevent used mattresses from being resold.   Local retailers will offer a comfort guarantee to give you some peace of mind.

In summary, this online only mattress phenomenon will likely be short lived for all the reasons I've mentioned and hopefully I've prevented you from the aggravations associated with it.

Craig Haley - Owner
Perrysburg Mattress

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