Let’s “adjust” the way we think about motion bases!

Before we begin, let me share the multitude of names for the same general item; a motion base.   Retailers call it a lifestyle base, an adjustable bed, an adjustable foundation, an adjustable bed frame, a power bed, an electric bed and an adjustable base.   Wow!... Why?...We're sorry, we really don't know.   All of these have a motorized foundation that usually tilts the head and foot areas independently providing a wide array of sleeping positions and some have a few additional features as well.

“I can’t tell you how much I wish everyone had the chance to enjoy a motion base!” – Ryan, Store Manager

It’s hard to know exactly how beneficial a motion base is until you own one.   They can cost as much as a good mattress and with the many feature options available, choosing one can be overwhelming without some professional guidance.

As recent as ten years ago motion bases were clunky, noisy and looked like they belonged in a hospital room.  Today’s motion bases are sleek, quiet and offer many newer features that include massage, anti-snore, and zero gravity positioning.   Our motion bases are styled in a modern fabric or a sleek leatherette earning them their rightful spot in the most intimate room in your home and they will functionally meld with your existing bedroom furniture.   They will become a permanent fixture that you'll enjoy for 20+ years!

I’ve compiled a list of benefits from customer testimonials and customer reviews to help spread the word that, the future of sleep is here:

  1. Back pain – Every ones body has a natural curve that a motion base can adjust to; you'll never be forced to sleep flat again!   Adjust your mattress differently depending on what is most comfortable.  Recovering from surgery?  Motion bases can assist when getting in and out of bed during recovery and also help aging customers manage their aches and pains.  And, the bonus feature that is so often forgotten: Elevating each end of the bed makes it much easier to wrap those fitted sheets around the mattress.  Now bed making is a breeze!
  2. Blood Circulation (Zero Gravity) – Circulation is key to a healthy lifestyle, in fact research shows that even a slight elevation of your legs can help circulation throughout your body!  This is why we only offer bases with one-touch zero gravity: by elevating your feet slightly above your shoulders you minimize gravity’s effect on your circulatory system, reducing the effort needed for your heart to move blood and creating an unforgettable feeling of relaxation.
  3. Air flow – Breathing is an underrated aspect of sleeping well.  When lying flat, your tongue, or throat can close causing a minor obstruction that can prevent breathing for up to 60 seconds.  The result: loud snoring and disruption of your sleep cycle.  If you find that you’re sleeping 8 hours a night but wake up feeling tired, it is likely that you’re experiencing some difficulty breathing during the night.

Last but not least, taking care of yourself by eating right and exercising daily are the two most effective things you can do to improve your sleep.  While a new mattress with a motion base won’t solve all physiological problems, ensuring you have proper support is a great place to start. 

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