Do you carry "XXXX" brand?

This is a question we get asked everyday and I am anxious to share the TRUTH about the numerous brands available today.

Before we get started, you must know that this blog is not intended to talk you out of purchasing a particular brand of mattress and is solely to share insider information that will help you when making your mattress shopping decisions.

So, let me start by addressing this frequently asked question. "Do you carry 'xxxx' brand?" The simple answer will always be yes we do, or no we don't. If our answer is no we don't, please do not to turn around and walk out of our showroom without allowing us five minutes to share valuable insider information.  Once you've read this blog, you won’t need to ask this question when entering our showroom, but you may have a few new ones.  We'll be ready.

Let's get started with the TOP THREE reasons not to get hooked on any one particular brand...
  1. Mattress manufacturers change each and every mattress in their lineups frequently. If you, a friend, or your relative have had your/their mattress more than two years that exact mattress it is no longer available.
    INSIDER INFO: These frequent changes give manufacturers an opportunity to improve the mattress and raise the price, discontinue it, tweak it to change the feel, raise the price with simple changes, etc...
  2. Many online only mattress manufacturers and retailers have decreased the quality of their mattresses to maintain a lower price point and attempt to increase profits.
    INSIDER INFO: Many well known brands have gotten very greedy in the last few years by lowering quality and consecutively raising prices.  What was a great brand just a few short years ago may now be one of the worst choices in a mattress today.
  3. Several mattress manufacturers ONLY make one or two types of mattresses. There are currently five different types of mattresses, so please do not limit yourself by focusing on a particular brand or worse yet, one type of mattress.
    INSIDER INFO: of those five types of mattresses stand out as one of the worst values; airbeds.  Fact is, airbeds are one of the most overpriced mattresses available today. A very convincing sales pitch and an extraordinary marketing campaign is what sells these mattresses.  I am not suggesting that they are a bad mattress, I'm simply stating that you can do much better, for far less.

Perrysburg Mattress carries several great brands, several different types of mattresses, and likewise, does not carry brands that have deteriorated.  The brands we carry today and more specifically the individual mattresses we carry, have been hand selected and have met very specific criteria that we insist upon before it can/will secure a spot on our showroom floor.  I have been in the mattress business for 27 years now and have just one goal; share all the information needed for every customer we encounter to make the BEST choice in a mattress.  When you're compelled  to brag about your experience at PERRYSBURG MATTRESS, I've succeeded!

Thank you,
Craig Haley