The Free Mattress Scam Exposed

This scam is being used by everyday people to buy a mattress online using a credit card, use the mattress during the free trial period allowed (usually 3 months), and then return it for a full refund on that same credit card.  They never actually pay for the mattress!

This person then purchases another mattress on the same credit card from a different company and repeats this process over and over again.  The Free Mattress Scam is now exposed.



Because folks are becoming more aware of these overly generous refund/return policies we are starting to get asked why we don’t offer the same.  The time has come for us to expose the problem and the reasons why it ultimately hurts you, the consumer.


  • First, mattresses are very different than most consumer products.  Retailers have three options when they've accepted a used mattress back from a customer.  Donate it, dispose of it, or resell it.  All three result in a major loss to the retailer.  Donating it and/or disposing of it results in a 100% loss while reselling it requires licensing, sanitizing, special tags and is only slightly better than a complete loss.
  • Second, if consumers are simply encouraged to follow the "try before you buy" method when purchasing a mattress, the necessity for a refund/return/exchange is reduced by 98%.  That's right, 98%!  As I've mentioned before, Perrysburg Mattress does not pressure folks into buying just any mattress and by using a selection process that is several steps beyond that of most retailers, the number of legitimate refund requests we get are very minimal.  We work hard to assure that every customer has all the information and guidance needed to make the right choice, the first time, every time.
  • Third, if we were to implement the same refund policies that a few of our competitors have, we would be forced to quickly and dramatically raise our prices, like they already have, to offset the enormous expenses involved when offering refunds on used mattresses.  When you try before you buy, it actually saves you money!
  • And finally, the owner of Perrysburg Mattress has hired a family friend with a great vision to create a "customer first" approach to operating the business.  He has been provided every tool necessary to maintain a 99.99% customer satisfaction rating.


The madness continues

The free mattress scam is a relatively new phenomenon that is unfortunately gaining momentum.  Online mattress retailers like Casper, Purple, Avocado, Tuft & Needle and others have been forced to continually raise prices to offset the mounting losses created by these overly generous refund policies? These retailers have sold overpriced mattresses to their customers for years and now due to their overly generous refund policies, some customers are taking full advantage of them.

Newly released numbers from online retailer Casper, has projected a 100-million-dollar loss in 2019 and is crystal clear proof of what an overly generous refund policy can do to an otherwise healthy business plan.  Today, online mattress retailers/manufacturers are scrambling to place their mattresses in existing brick-n-mortar stores around the country in an effort to slow the return rates.  They will ultimately have to tighten up their loose return policies or quit selling online to survive.


The Better way

Perrysburg Mattress offers a better mattress, a lower price, hometown service, try before you buy, and all the valuable information needed when purchasing a mattress.  Perrysburg Mattress has a no pressure approach and an undeniably awesome sales team.  While Mattress Firm and other brick-n-mortar mattress stores continue to use multi-pressure techniques to push customers into purchasing, we have found that a great product mix, great prices, and creating a well-informed customer truly works best.


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