Perrysburg Mattress

PM - 10" Firm Hybrid

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Designed for better, cooler sleep
This firm Hybrid mattress is from our exclusive Perrysburg Mattress (PM) Collection of mattresses. The entire collection focuses on a cooler, more comfortable sleep by combining high-quality premium gel memory foam and a support system composed of a very resilient 13-gauge coil system. This exclusive Perrysburg Mattress collection of HYBRID mattresses is truly exceptional and notably affordable.
UPDATED March 2021: Now that supply chains are normalizing and because this mattress is vacuum-sealed into a relatively small box you can pick-up your new mattress at our store or ask that your mattress ship fast, for free, and have it arrive on your doorstep in one easy-to-unpack box. This mattress can also be delivered locally usually in 1 - 7 days.
Our 120-day in-home trial starts on the day of delivery/pickup/shipping. After sleeping on your new mattress for a minimum of 14 days and when you’re within the 120-day in-home trial period, simply contact us by phone to coordinate an exchange.


-------- INSIDE THIS MATTRESS --------
  • Quilted Memory Foam
  • Layer of transition foam
  • Foam encased perimeter coils to create a durable outer edge
  • 13 Gauge Bonnell Coils
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Medium-Firm feel popular for most sleep positions
  • Total Mattress Height: 10"