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The brands we carry...

We are frequently asked what brands we carry and I am anxious to share the TRUTH about the numerous brands available today.

  • Mattress manufacturers frequently change their lineup of mattresses to improve upon them, discontinue them, or to simply raise their prices. Be careful, a dated referral can be useless and steer you towards the wrong mattress for your particular sleeping style.
  • Most online only mattress manufacturers and retailers have raised their prices recently to offset the high cost of internet marketing and they have also lowered their quality. Many well known brands have gotten very greedy lately making what was once was a good mattress to being one of the worst values available today.
  • Most mattress manufacturers strive to provide a broad range of “feels” (firm, plush, etc...) in their lineups making it easy to find a comfortable mattress, the challenge is finding one that's a good value.
  • There are five basic types of mattresses and many manufacturers ONLY make one or two of them.  A common mistake is limiting oneself to just one brand, or worse yet, one type of mattress.
  • And lastly, you need to know that two well known mattress manufacturers with extraordinary marketing techniques and very convincing sales pitches are the clear winners in the "MOST OVERPRICED" category.
    Can you guess which two?
    If you said, airbeds (Sleep Number) and the well known all-foam mattresses (Tempurpedic), you’d be correct! These two manufacturers will be happy to supply you with some of the worst values available today. Please do your homework and shop around before opening your wallet to these guys. To be clear, I am not suggesting these are bad mattresses, I'm simply stating that you can do much better, for FAR less.
  • NOTE: These insider tidbits are not intended to talk you out of purchasing a particular brand of mattress but simply to share insider information that will help you find a top quality mattress at a much more reasonable price.


    As the owner of Perrysburg Mattress I refuse to carry any brand and/or mattress that is not a good value.  I've hand selected every mattress I carry today and will continue to evaluate new mattresses as they become available.  When I find a better valued mattress, I will adjust very quickly.
    I’ve been in the mattress industry for over 27 years and have just two goals:
    1. Only carry the top 25 BEST VALUED mattresses available today
    2. Share all the information needed for EVERY customer to make the BEST possible choice in a mattress.
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