No single mattress will suit everyone, however many "online only" retailers are suggesting otherwise and will tease you with a flexible return policy.
Perrysburg Mattress suggests that you take a look at the three basic types of mattresses, determine which one suits you best and enjoy peace of mind knowing that in most cases you have a 120 Day Comfort Guarantee just in case you don't get it right the first time.
Most other Mattress Buying Guides available are too lengthy, overly complicated, biased towards a specific mattress and generally speaking, not very helpful.

Take a look at the only two simple guides you'll ever need.


Follow these simple steps when purchasing your mattress in a storefront.
1) Find three (3) mattress stores in your area.
2) Take a few minutes to research each stores website to “get your feet wet” in the world of mattresses.
3) Set aside 30 – 60 minutes to visit Perrysburg Mattress and be certain to make it your final stop, you’ll be glad you did.


Follow these simple steps when purchasing your mattress online.
1) Watch the videos and read the information we've provided about the 3 different types of mattresses available today.
2) Determine your budget and which type of mattress appeals to you most.
3) Preview the mattresses in the collection you've chosen, choose one and proceed with your purchase.

NOTE: Due to the extreme cost of shipping a non-vacuum sealed mattress cross country please be reminded that Perrysburg Mattress can only serve households in Northwest Ohio and Southeastern Michigan.