Serta® Motion Essentials® III
Serta® Motion Essentials® III Serta® Motion Essentials® III Serta® Motion Essentials® III
The Serta® Motion Essentials® adjustable foundation allows you to adjust the head and foot of your mattress, so you can find the perfect level of comfort and support.   Plus, our latest version has upgraded to a wireless remote, with one-touch zero gravity and Easy Connect that syncs two bases.
Ease back, neck and shoulder pain Elevating your head and feet can help alleviate pressure on your lower back, allowing your muscles to relax after a long day. Because your muscles don’t have to work through the night, you can wake up more relaxed and with less pain. Improve circulation Elevating your head and feet can also help to increase blood flow to your muscles. This can help reduce tossing and turning and can lead to a deeper, more restful sleep. Reduce acid reflux Slightly raising your head can also help reduce uncomfortable acid reflux, helping you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep throughout the night. Reduce snoring With an adjustable foundation, you can adjust the position of your head to help open up airways and help reduce snoring.

Wireless Remote: Allows you to easily raise and lower the head and foot of the mattress. One-touch zero gravity: ZERO-G® adjusts your legs to a higher level than your heart helping to relieve pressure off the lower back and promote circulation. One-touch flat: Preset button to return the base to a flat position. Easy Connect: Easily synchronize two bases with one remote. Quiet Motor: Head and foot motors engineered to preserve a peaceful sleep environment by creating very little noise when activated.

Local White Glove Delivery – a premium service- is done at no additional charge for purchases exceeding $698. Perrysburg Mattress has a huge selection of in-stock mattresses ready for quick delivery and our white glove delivery team will make the delivery of your new mattress a first class experience.
Sorry, we DO NOT deliver outside of Northwest Ohio – Perrysburg Mattress refuses to mark-up our prices and then pretend that a mattress can be shipped cross country for free. Most websites offering "Free Nationwide Delivery" are selling mattresses that can be purchased locally for much less (usually about $300). Buyer Beware!