Unlocking Sweet Dreams: Insights from the 2023 Sleep Survey for National Sleep Comfort Month

Unlocking Sweet Dreams: Insights from the 2023 Sleep Survey for National Sleep Comfort Month

American Sleep Habits and Concerns

The survey, conducted in 2023, brought to light some eye-opening statistics. Shockingly, nearly 43% of Americans reported experiencing some level of insomnia during the year. Equally concerning, one in five Americans (21%) admitted to "rarely or never waking up feeling well-rested."

So, what exactly is keeping Americans up at night? According to the report, the top five concerns include inflation, COVID-19, gun violence in America, climate change, and the 2024 presidential election. While some worries are beyond our control, the report highlighted certain sleep stealers that are within our grasp to manage. Irregular sleep schedules, excessive screen time, overeating, falling asleep with the TV on, and pulling all-nighters emerged as common bad habits affecting sleep quality.

Navigating the Maze of Partners and Sleep Preferences

In the realm of relationships, 67% of respondents expressed a preference for sharing a bed with their partner. However, 41% leaned towards the Scandinavian sleep method, where each partner has their own blanket or duvet rather than sharing a large one. An intriguing trend on the rise is the concept of "sleep divorce," with individuals opting to sleep in separate beds or rooms due to differing habits or preferences.

The Mattress Dilemma

An interesting revelation from the survey is that, regardless of relationship status, 33% of respondents admitted to using their mattress for nine or more years. According to the Better Sleep Council, mattresses should ideally be replaced after seven years due to wear and tear. Curiously, despite this, most respondents ranked a high-quality mattress as the most "worthwhile" bedding product.

Beyond the Mattress: Factors Affecting Quality Sleep

While a quality mattress is undoubtedly a crucial factor for a good night's sleep, it's essential to recognize that various other elements can either contribute to or hinder a restful night. 


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