Will the feel of the mattress change over time?
Yes, but the change is gradual and typically goes unnoticed. Much like a new pair of shoes it will change the most during the first few months.
Is a firmer mattress better for you?
It can be, but this can only be determined by you. For example, side sleepers may struggle with tossing and turning on a mattress that is too firm due to the increased pressure on shoulders and hips. The point here is not to confuse mattress firmness with mattress support. A mattress can both be soft and supportive, and equally important is the fact that firm mattresses break down, too. If “one firmness fits all,” mattress shopping (and mattress selling) would be much, much simpler.
What mattress is best for a bad back?
Great question with a simple answer: a supportive mattress is best! We take bad backs seriously, but there is no template that can properly prescribe the best mattress for a bad back. You'll want to spend extra time when selecting a mattress with your emphasis being support.
How long should a mattress last?
A good mattress wears slowly and gradually over time, meaning you may not notice the exact moment that it loses its ability to support you. A good quality mattress will remain comfortable for 10+ years but can be affected by factors like: body type, size of the mattress and how the mattress is cared for. A every economical mattress will sometimes only last a year before needing to be replaced, and even the nicest mattress money can buy can wear out prematurely if it isn’t rotated regularly.
Can you flip today's mattresses?
You can, however today's better quality mattresses provide a one-sided sleeping surface. The other side will not be comfortable and is designed to support the upper layers, not for sleeping.  Don't be fooled into thinking that a two-sided mattress is better.
What does the mattress warranty actually cover?
Good question, but a very lengthy answer would be required to cover everything.  The short answer is any manufacturing defect and/or poor workmanship. Generally speaking, anything but comfortability and normal wear and tear will be covered. The long answer would be best found by reading the warranty card provided with every mattress.
Do they not use box springs anymore?
Actual boxes with springs are no longer used. With the technological breakthroughs in mattress manufacturing and a one-sided sleeping surface, actual box springs have no purpose. Today rigid foundations are used in place of flexible box springs. Depending on your bed style and needs, a good retailer will take time with you to help determine if you’ll benefit from a foundation or could get more out of an adjustable base.
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