Mattress Care for a New Mattress

Now that you've had your mattress for a few days, a few weeks, or maybe even a few months, please remember that it is normal to experience an "adjustment period" when switching to a new mattress, especially if you had been sleeping on your previous mattress for a long time.  In order to protect the investment you've made and the performance of your new mattress, please consider these valuable tips from your friends at Perrysburg Mattress.
Mattress Protector
Hopefully you purchased a good quality, washable mattress protector to keep your mattress fresh and free from stains. When purchased along with your new mattress it will also protect the manufacturer's warranty.
Once you've had your mattress for no more than 90 days grab a family member to help you carefully lift and rotate your new mattress head-to-foot. You'll be happy to hear that the days of flipping your mattress is over thanks to new technology and innovation in mattress construction. On average your new and improved mattress will need to be rotated every 3 months however if you start to feel a bit of a sag or can see one with the naked eye, it might be best to rotate your mattress more often. Note: If you've purchased a king size mattress read the special rotating section below...
Rotating a King Size Mattress
A king size mattress requires a slightly different rotation pattern.  This is because people tend to sleep less in the center of a king mattress often times resulting in a “high spot” in the center of the mattress.  To help minimize this common situation, we have developed a specialized rotation pattern that should be used with all king mattresses.  This unique pattern of 90-degree rotations will help the materials inside your new mattress break-in at an even rate, creating a more level sleep surface.  A king mattress is not a perfect square (76” x 80”), but the side overhang you'll notice during these 90-degree rotations will be so small as to not cause damage. Your king mattress should be rotated as follows:
  • First two weeks:  Keep mattress as delivered.
  • Week 3: Rotate the mattress 90-degrees clockwise.
  • Week 4: Rotate the mattress another 90-degrees clockwise.  (the original head of the mattress is now at the foot of the bed) Maintain for two weeks.
  • Week 6: Rotate the mattress 90-degrees clockwise.
  • Week 7: Rotate the mattress another 90-degrees clockwise.  (you should now be back to the original orientation of the mattress) Maintain for two weeks.
  • Week 9: Rotate the mattress 90-degree clockwise.
  • Week 10: Rotate the mattress another 90-degrees clockwise.  Maintain for two weeks.
  • Week 12: Rotate the mattress 90-degrees clockwise.
  • Week 13: Rotate the mattress another 90-degrees clockwise.
To prolong the life of your king mattress it should now be rotated, on average, every 3 months; use your best judgment.  If you feel a bit of a sag or notice a small “high spot” developing near the center of the mattress, it might be best to rotate your mattress more often.
Supporting your Mattress
Always use a sturdy bed frame. If your set is a queen or king size, make sure your frame has an adequate center support that will prevent bowing or breakage.
Protect the Edge
Edge support is a very important component of a mattress. Do not repeatedly sit on the same part of the edge of the mattress when putting on clothes and shoes each morning. Repeated pressure could wear away those edges.
Your mattress should be vacuumed as often as possible to remove dust particles. If you have spilled something directly on your mattress and it is necessary that you wet it, do so sparingly! Use a small amount of soapy water and rub the stain with a towel. Moisture is the prime ingredient for mold growth, so make sure the mattress is completely dry before placing the sheets back on. To combat any odors, sprinkle baking soda atop the surface of the mattress, wait 20 minutes, then vacuum.
Lastly, know that we want everyone to get the best sleep possible and we take pride in helping you achieve that goal.
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